• Eco-Conscious - Totebags GH X Wulang Sunu

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    Introduce our exclusive merchandise collaboration between Greenhost hotel and local artist, we have 4 colorful designs featuring Wulang Sunu that represent each Greenhost's value. Every design describes their own stories behind from the iconic rooftop hydroponics garden, the appreciation in creativity, our eco-conscious approach, and the comforts in our room.

    Design #2 “Eco-Conscious”
    The eco-conscious principle that we apply at Greenhost is recently gaining popularity among more Indonesians. This lifestyle movement is starting to become a positive trend, that we highlighted in pink - to make it more eye-catchy. We combine it with green to bring a nature-friendly lifestyle in the design.

    Size: 40x36x5cm
    with a small pocket inside
    Material: Drill