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    The Cube & Rect wooden radio are design base on a running production radio made by a well known electronic industry in Indonesia. When I saw it for the first time, the original radio has a nice basic configuration (size, position of knobs, frequency display etc.) as well as produce good sound. I think it will be great if I can redesign it not just to produce new appearance, but it will able to produce in my home village. I am so sure that a mutual collaboration between big company who provide a high-quality electronic part with a well developed crafts activity will give many benefits for both parties.
    I always put in my mind to design products that will have a long life cycle, hopefully timeles... basic shape with a perfect proportion in the whole as well as good in proportion of its parts are the foundation of my design. I combine the wood with fabric for back & front panel. Fabric covering the structure but it pass the sound comes from inside. Fabric & wood give a warmer & friendly expression compare to plastic or metal. I love the lock system for the battery case, simple but yet beauty. 
    The Cube & Rect radio completed with music player/Ipod connector, so you can use it as a speaker. We also added an External Antenna and its port. Both Cube & Rect use 6V DC power, you can use battery as well as external power in put. You can see technical information in the User's Manual inside its package.

    ReKTO/4bands 'Specs
    Dimension-Product :31x11.5x20.5 cm. -Box : 34.5x15x22.7 cm.Weight : +/- 2,200 gr. Material-Body Pine wood-Knobs Mahogany -Front & Back Panel : Fabric covered Finishing : wood oil/wax. Inside : 4 bands FM/AM/SW1/SW2 radio receiver. Available with the Japan FM. Power : 6 Volt DC. Using 4x1.5V)AA size battery. DC-in 6V with external electric adaptor.Accessories : music player connector, external antenna.Packaging Inner box : corrugated cover with 2 wooden panels.Outer box : corrugated paper single wall. Master box : corrugated paper double wall , size : 70x32x27.5 cm, content :4